Why Chelsea Failed Despite Spending 550 Million Euros has been going through a lot of changes for the past year. In the meantime they have seen new owners, many star players and three coaches in one season. However, the team is now outside the top ten of the Premier League points table. A Champions League quarter-final exit, no chance of winning a trophy. They will not be able to play in any European competition next season.

Why Chelsea’s decline?

In May 2022, when Todd Boehly bought the Chelsea franchise for €2.5 billion, it was seen by Blues supporters as a sign of a new day. Todd Boehly surprised everyone by spending €270m in a summer transfer. Because, after PSG in 2017, no other club has spent so much in a transfer window. Chelsea Failed Despite Spending 550 Million Euros At the same time, he may be moving forward with a long-term plan by signing players for a long period of time.

The Chelsea board again spent around 280 million euros in January. In total, the club spent 550 million euros in two windows, which has caught the eye of many rich clubs. Despite spending money and buying one star after another, Chelsea continued to suffer from lack of coordination on the field. Because, to build a balanced team, it is necessary to properly analyze the type of each player in the team. At the same time, it is necessary to understand whether the player is compatible with the coach’s tactics. If either of these two is average, the team suffers from imbalance.

In the case of Chelsea, it has been seen that the players are not able to cover the weaknesses of their teammates with their own style of play on the field. At the same time, they are not suited to the coach’s technique. As a result, despite having many star players in the team, no cohesion developed within the team. As a result, the London club suffered a goal drought throughout February, March and April, despite the arrival of in-form forwards Mikhail Mudrik and Hoao Felix in January.

Chelsea are not the first club to create an imbalance in the squad by cramming too many stars together. Big clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona have also run into this problem in the past.

Chelsea’s problems don’t end there. They didn’t or couldn’t sell players the way they bought players. Chelsea Failed Despite Spending 550 Million Euros As a result, a huge squad of 31 players has been formed. Clubs usually limit their squads to between 24 and 26 players, to ensure that all players get a chance to play. Due to Chelsea’s huge squad, many do not get the opportunity to play regularly in the team. They try to exert pressure on the coach by using their ego and influence. As a result, unity or dedication to the team does not develop at all.

His influence later on the field. For example, Chelsea striker Hakim Ziyech tried to move to PSG after not getting enough opportunities in the Chelsea team. Moved to Paris in January without informing the coach or the Chelsea board. But Todd Bohely found out about it and brought Zees back to London with a lot of pressure.

He then brought in Graham Potter from Brighton, who had never managed big club like Chelsea. The Chelsea owner did not hesitate to pay the 21 million euro fine imposed on Graham Potter for breaking his contract with Brighton.

The lack of trust in any coach has created instability in the team which has contributed to Chelsea’s poor performances.

Injuries also play a role in Chelsea’s disaster. The important player of the team N’Galo Kante was out of the field for 6 months due to injury. Rightback Racey James was on the field and in and out of the hospital. Veteran defender Thiago Silva and forward Christian Pulisic are also in the same situation. Chelsea have had a season to forget altogether. Therefore, the club will want to move around under a new coach in the next season.

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