Who is Ali Akbar Ahmadiyan It Is All About The Iran’s SNSC Chief. The question that is being raised around the world is, who is Ali Akbar Ahmadiyan? Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has appointed senior commander Ali Akbar Ahmadian as the country’s security chief. Ali Akbar Ahmadiyya took over at a time when Iran’s role in the Middle East was changing. Iran has launched diplomatic efforts to defuse regional conflicts in the Middle East, as part of which it restored ties with arch-enemy Saudi Arabia last March. What can the new SNSC chief do in this regard? So the question has become stronger, who is Ali Akbar Ahmadian!
Problem in Iran

It should be remembered that Iran’s relations with Western countries including the United States are not good at all. It Is All About The Iran’s SNSC Chief The 2015 nuclear deal signed by five major powers with Iran is still in limbo eight years later. In the meantime, Western countries have brought new accusations against Iran. They claim that Iran is regularly supplying weapons to Russia so that it can continue its attack on Ukraine.

Last September, a young Kurdish woman died in the custody of Iranian police. After that massive protests and agitations started across the country. It Is All About The Iran’s SNSC Chief As a result, tensions are rising inside and outside the country. So who is Ali Akbar Ahmadiyan, the question becomes more pressing. But he is quite different from his predecessor.

Where Shamkhani handled both politics and military policy, Ali Akbar was purely a military officer. The last president of Iran was Hassan Rouhani. Rather than extremism, he found moderation to be appropriate. So while Shamkhani had the experience of working with extremists, moderates, and reformists, Ali Akbar did not. He spent his entire career preparing strategies.

Roles Played By Ali Akbar

In the Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s, Ali Akbar played a heroic role. He also performed important military duties in different regions of Iran. His role is foremost in the modernization of the country’s navy. He was in this position for about eight years. From 2007 to 2023, he headed the Strategic Center of the IRGC. He was the director of Imam Hossain University from 2005 to 2007.

The birthplace of late IRGC commander General Qasem Soleimani and Ali Akbar is in the same province. Ali Akbar holds a PhD in strategic management from the National Defense University of Iran. He also obtained his master’s degree from this university. All in all, this is all we know about Ali Akbar Ahmadian. Hope the readers got the answer to the question “Who is Ali Akbar Ahmadian?”

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