Who Are The Best 5 Italian Footballers Of All Time?

Today we will hear the story of the best 5 defenders of Italy. All defenders have been born in Italy over the years. The Best 5 Italian Footballers These defenders have not only shown great football but also changed the concept of defense. Because of this, it is difficult to score goals in Italy and the league is very competitive. List of top 5 Italian defenders of all time Fabio Canberroi is the last defender to win the Ballon d’Or trophy. In the 2006 World Cup, he became as impenetrable as the Great Wall of China. So he won this award effortlessly.

Fabio Cannavaro, who started his career at Napoli, played for Parma where he won a UEFA Cup, an Italian Super Cup and two Coppa Italia titles. The Best 5 Italian Footballers He then joined Inter Milan in 2002 and Juventus in 2004 but failed to win any major trophies. He eventually joined Real Madrid in 2006 and won two consecutive La Liga titles. Fabio Canavero was as smart on the field as he was on the ball. Also his pace and ability to work for 90 minutes was outstanding. Fabio Cannavaro’s leadership and defensive skills have made him a football legend.

At number four on the list is Inter Milan’s legendary defender Giuseppe Bergomi. He has spent his entire career in the Nerazzurri jersey. Having played 754 matches for them, he has won two Serie A titles, one Italian Cup, one Italian Super Cup and three UEFA Cup titles. Not only that, Giuseppe Bergomi won the 1982 World Cup for Italy’s national team. This defender, who was very good on the ball, could play in any position in the defense. As hardworking as he was, his style of play was aggressive. Red carded 12 times for his rough and tough style of play.

Despite being a defender, Giuseppe Bergomi was as attacking as the forwards. Could take great speed shots from outside the dbox. For this reason, Italian football fans consider him one of the best defenders in history. Another Inter Milan defender, Giacinto Facetti, has spent his entire career in the Nerazzurri jersey. He played 637 matches in a career of about 18 years. He also scored 76 goals as a defender, which is bound to make the defenders of today jealous. It must be remembered that Facetti scored the goals at a time when defenders were forbidden to attack.

Capano in the sixties and seventies, this handsome Italian was hardworking, intelligent and a great defender. The Best 5 Italian Footballers It’s hard to compare him in man marking. This physically strong defender could play with both feet. Cool-headed Giacinto Fasetti has seen only one red card in his entire career. He won 4 Serie A titles, 2 European Club Cups, an Italian Cup and two Intercontinental Cup titles for Inter Milan. That’s why his name comes at the top of the list of the best Italian defenders of all time.

The second name on this list is AC Milan legend Franco Baresi. One of Italy’s greatest defenders of all time, he was also one of the most impregnable center backs in world football. He spent 20 years of his career wearing AC Milan jersey. Became a shaper and captain of the golden era of the team. Franck Baresi has been captain for AC Milan club for 15 years. Played 715 matches and won 3 European Cups, 6 Serie A, 4 Italian Super Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups, 3 European Super Cup titles. He played 81 matches for the Italian national team. In which he was the captain of the Italian team which was the runner-up in 1994.

Franco Baresi was a perfect defender. He was capable of filling all the roles a team demands from a centreback. There was no shortage of tactical intelligence, speed, breath, focus, vision. his That’s why legendary defenders also consider Frank Baresi ideal. Paolo Maldini also idolized Franck Baresi. But the two of them built the most impenetrable defense in football history. However, football pundits consider Paolo Maldini to be Italy’s best defender of all time.

Paolo Maldini spent 25 consecutive years at AC Milan, playing 901 matches. Won 7 Serie A, 5 European Championship, 1 Italian Cup, 5 Italian Super Cup, 1 FIFA Club World Cup, 2 Intercontinental Cup and 4 UEFA Super Cup titles. At the age of 36 he won the Serie A Defender of the Year award, at the age of 39 he won the UEFA Club Football Awards for Best Defender. After his retirement, the number three jersey was permanently retired by the AC Milan authorities.

Paolo Maldini played 126 matches for the Italian national team. But the only blemish in his career is that he never won a major title for the national team.
But many spectators came to the stadium or turned on the TV just to watch Paolo Maldini play. This handsome defender has played both center back and left back positions. He was so intelligent that he didn’t even need to tackle to stop a forward. He dominated the opposition with ball control and man marking skills. So even today he is considered one of the best defenders of football ever.

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