The Day Romario Punched Simeone In The Face

Romario Punched Simeone In The Face Brazil’s young talent Romario went to the Soviet Union to play the Youth World Cup in 1985. But before the start of the tournament, he was expelled from the team and sent to the country. Crime – Seleção striker who urinated on the street standing on the balcony of the hotel! Romario was a true Brazilian, as he showed magic on the field, as well as partying, rowdy, drinking, women scandals, fights and fights outside the field, he was criticized numerous times. Meanwhile, this World Cup-winning forward was widely discussed by punching Argentine footballer Diego Simeone.

But why did Romario do such a thing? Today we will hear that story. The Background January 16, 1994. Romario Punched Simeone In The Face Xavier faces Barcelona at the famous Juan Sanchez Pizuan Stadium in Spain. Romario has been in great form in the Blaugrana’s striking position. Meanwhile, Xavier’s defensive midfielder Diego Simeone is also ready to stop him. Simeone, currently the coach of Atletico Madrid, once said that he is a fan of fist fights with knives stuck in his teeth.

This suggests that he was also a reckless warrior in mind, who would do anything to win. He also chose a different path to stop Romario, which is contrary to the spirit of football. Interestingly, Romario was not in the starting XI that day against Sevilla. Coach Johan Cruyff benched him for disciplinary reasons. Udgrib Romario was sitting on the bench to get on the field. It did not escape the eyes of Diego Simeone.

When Romario Lost It Completely

The first half ended goalless. With no change on the scoresheet in the second half, a desperate Johan Cruyff brought Romario off in the 75th minute. As if he was waiting for this, he still has a lot to prove. That’s why he got down on the field and started playing. And to stop him, Diego Simeone started teasing Romario.
According to Barcelona’s number nine, Simeone was sometimes talking nonsense about his mother, sometimes belittling her as a spider. Romario’s head was already hot, his blood was boiling after hearing this. Timi thought, let’s give the answer now.

Shortly before the end of the game, Barcelona received a free kick outside the D box. Romario stood up inside the D box to head in and Diego Simeone stood almost body to body to stop him. When the free kick is taken, the Barcelona striker continues to move towards the goal. But he had no desire to score. Romario landed a straight left hand boxing jab to Simeone’s cheek. The former Sevilla midfielder was immediately shocked. The referee standing nearby showed Romario a straight red card. He walked off the field and the game also ended in a goalless draw.

The Aftermath However, his teammates came forward to support Romario. His crazy teammate Risto Stoichkov said the punch was just like Mike Tyson. Coach Cruyff didn’t go short, he said, I also wanted to get on the field and give Simeone another blow. But Diego Simeone gave a very harsh response to such talk. He said Cruyff should focus on the game instead of complaining to reporters like Chichkadun. According to many, however, the punishment has become too little. But you know how Romario used this long break? Straight back to Brazil with friends and short-sleeved girls beach party and dance!

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