Strange Laws of Kim Jong-un In North Korea Il died suddenly in 2011. A few days later, Kim Jun Un was declared the ruler of North Korea. At first, everyone thought that the newly graduated and inexperienced Kim Un would be the ruler in name only. The main power will be in the hands of his uncle Thaek. Opening your mouth against him is punishable by death.

This is how Kim Un matured his power. After that, strange laws were issued in the country. The objective is only one, to express your incredible abilities. Today we will hear all the strange laws of Kim Jong Un. When you look at Kim Jong Un, the first thing you notice is his unusual haircut. Strange Laws of Kim Jong-un In North Korea However, no one else can give that haircut. Kim has specified a total of 28 haircuts for men and women in the country. Out of this 10 for men and 18 for women. 1 in 10 of these is for Kim’s. And no one can do that except Kim.

Not only does the state decide who to vote for, the North Korean government also decides where you live. Residents do not have the opportunity to choose their own house. Even the government dictates what you watch for entertainment. If you find this punishment unfair then there are more surprises in store for you. In North Korea, anyone who commits a crime is punished for three generations. That is, if a child commits a crime, that child, his parents and his grandparents will suffer the punishment for life.

Another strange law of Kim Jong-un is, people must work seven days a week. Employees have to return to work with extra fine even if they take a break for a day. There is no child labor law. Thousands of child laborers are working to meet the needs of the family. After that, the child’s desk-chair in the school should be given to the parents. That is, before sending the child to school, the parents have to arrange their seating.

Because, only the heads of the government can use the car there. So wherever you go, you will see long lines waiting for the bus from children to old people. Inspired by the Bible, this prohibition is to prevent people from becoming Christians.

A Christian woman was once arrested and executed for throwing Bibles in the street. To keep it isolated from the Western world, North Korea has strict restrictions on the sale of Apple, Sony and Microsoft products. As a result, nothing is available from the mentioned brand of iPhone, laptop, TV.

Who wants to live in this terrible country! But there is no way to escape. A special force patrols the sea day and night to ensure that no one can cross the sea and escape to neighboring South Korea or China. North Korea is like a state prison. No one is free there. Physically or mentally, everyone is under the gaze of Kim Jong Un. And with such strange and strict laws, Kim has been protecting his rule for years.

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