Neymar Next Club Which Club Neymar Will Play Next Season

Fans are endlessly curious about Neymar’s next club. Everyone wants to know which club Neymar will play next season. Which Club Neymar Will Play Next Season He was once considered the best player in the world after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But after joining PSG, this Brazilian star slowly started to lose himself. Now he doesn’t even have a place in the top ten. However, there is a lot of interest among the fans regarding this biggest star in Brazil. He has been rumored to leave the club every season, especially after moving to PSG. But this time Neymar will leave Paris. But which club Neymar will go to?

Today we will discuss Neymar’s possible next club.

Will Neymar return to Barcelona?

Neymar joined PSG in 2017 to realize how big a mistake he made. After that, he messaged everyone from former teammates to the board president to return to Barca. Barca also wanted to bring him back, but he could not be brought back as PSG demanded an unrealistic sum for him. But after Barcelona won the league in the 2022/23 season, Neymar came to town and celebrated with his former teammates. Seeing this, many journalists discussed the possibility of his return to the Catalan city. Because there is a special need for a left winger in the Barcelona team which can be filled by Neymar.

Or Real Madrid will be Neymar’s next club?

Florentino Perez, the president of Barcelona’s rival club Real Madrid, was also interested in him. He also lured Neymar to the team when he joined PSG. But seeing PSG’s reluctance to sell Neymar, he backed out. However, this time PSG wants to sell Neymar. On the other hand, Real Madrid also needs a forward. Although Vinicius is established on the left wing, it should not be forgotten that Neymar is also adept at playing the number ten role. So, considering the need for a forward and the star price, Real Madrid can reach out to Neymar.

There are rumors about Newcastle

Of course, the most intense rumors about Neymar are with Newcastle. Last season, the Saudi Public Investment Fund bought the club, nicknamed the Magpies. However, by buying the club, they did not mind buying stars like other rich club owners. Despite spending more than $100 million, they focus on buying lesser-known but effective footballers. Their strategy has paid off and Newcastle has gone from a mediocre club to a top-four club in the Premier League. Having qualified to play in the Champions League next season, the owners are now looking to bring some star brightness to the team. So their main target is Neymar, who can rebrand Newcastle to the world.

Chelsea are also interested in Neymar

However, another team in the Premier League, Chelsea, is also interested in Neymar. The Blues’ new owner, Todd Boehly, has spent €550 million on rebuilding the team. One after another star footballers and coach after coach have been drawn into the team. However, there was no success. Chelsea finished the league outside the top ten. No Europeans have qualified for the tournament.

After that, Todd Bohely is interested in spending money to attract new players to the team. His main target is Brazilian number ten Neymar. But would Neymar be interested in playing for Chelsea, who won’t be playing in any European Championship next season? All in all, Neymar’s next club could spark a busy chapter in the transfer market.

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