Lionel Messi and Story of Holy Cards Fans all over the world are crazy about their favorite stars. In between, some crazy stories touch everyone’s heart. Even the star was overwhelmed by the love of the fans. Lionel Messi is no exception, there are many love stories about him. In the meantime, the story of a fan has touched not only Messi, but also ordinary people Thomas, an Argentinian youth, is a Lionel Messi fan like millions of people around the world. He loved this legendary number ten from the bottom of his heart. So if someone said anything against Messi, he would not tolerate it at all. He wanted everyone to love Messi as he did.

Lionel Messi and Story of Holy Cards

Having never won a trophy for Argentina’s national team at one point, the former Barcelona forward has had no end of criticism. From football pundits to Cristiano Ronaldo fans, everyone said that Lionel Messi can’t do anything in the Alb celeste jersey.

He had no shortage of critics even in the country. In Argentina, after seeing Messi’s harsh criticism, his baby son said, father, why are they saying these things in your name! These criticisms hurt Thomas a lot. So when he went to Russia to watch the World Cup in 2018, he made a holy card with the words of Baibel written on it. His wife, Julie, wrote a special prayer for Messi there.
At the World Cup in Russia, abysmal performance in two group matches put Argentina in danger of being eliminated from the World Cup. Messi’s severe criticism started again around the world. As if only this little magician is responsible for Argentina’s directionless play.

Thomas suffered greatly from such criticism. He also wanted a World Cup or a Copa America trophy in Messi’s hands. Even then, this Messi-loving young man was not willing to accept any unfair criticism.

So he made 10,000 copies of the holy card made from Argentina. He then began handing out the cards on the streets of Russia. People ask him, is this what he is selling? Thomas replied, “No, for free, I’m just trying to send prayers and love for Messi”. But Thomas could not distribute all the cards. Before that, he had to leave Russia for Argentina. He left the rest of the cards at home after returning home. Then Thomas died suddenly in a motorcycle accident in 2020.

His wife Julie was only two months pregnant at the time. A year later, Thomas’ son Aurelian was born on July 11, 2021. Just one day earlier, Lionel Messi won his first title, the Copa America trophy, in Argentina’s jersey.

Julie was very angry that day, why Thomas is not here. The biggest dream of his life has come true, Messi is crying in the sky blue jersey after winning the international title, there is no Thomas in this world to witness that epic scene. Why are the stories of life so cruel, thought Julie. Time flies, the Qatar World Cup comes after one and a half years. Julie remembers those cards from four years ago. He took out the dusty cards, cleaned them and distributed them to his friends. He hoped that one day this card would reach Lionel Messi.

Messi will know how much Thomas loved him.
When a reporter finally got hold of the Holi card, he handed it to Messi. After hearing the story of her crazy fan, Messi contacted Julie through the journalist. Messi thanked Julie in short words. And Julie, in tears, says that Thomas is sitting somewhere watching and must be very happy.

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