How much do you know about the new capital of Egypt, as a country of great importance in the history of the world, as well as its capital, Cairo, is a well-known city all over the world. This popular city has enjoyed the status of capital for thousands of years. However, Cairo will not be the capital of Egypt for much longer, because the Egyptian government is building a new capital in the desert, some distance from this city. It has been named, New Administrative Capital. Today we will hear the story of the new capital of Egypt.

Cairo, the current capital of Egypt, was built in the 10th century. After that, this historical city has witnessed many changes in history. But now the population of the city has increased to a great extent.

As one, the population of Cairo is more than 2 crore. For this huge population, quality civic amenities are quite inadequate. Population pressure has also created various environmental problems starting from pollution. But with the Covid pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, many crisis-ridden countries fold their hands. However, with the help of the United States, the construction of the new capital is progressing rapidly.

The new city will have 21 residential districts and 25 administrative districts. It will also have a central park, artificial lake, about two thousand educational institutions, an information and technology park, 663 hospitals, about 1,250 mosques and churches, a stadium with a capacity of 90,000 spectators, a Disneyland four times larger than the American Disneyland, ninety square kilometers. Solar panel farms and 40,000-room hotels dot the area.

Also under construction is a 1,000-meter-high building called Obelisk Capital. Modeled after the pharaoh’s obelisk, the structure will be Africa’s tallest building. There will be 18 ministry buildings, parliament buildings and presidential buildings.

New Administrative Capital is going to be a city of modern and smart technology.

Many experts believe that the new capital brings new opportunities for Egypt. Big companies of the world have shown interest to invest billions of dollars here. With uninterrupted water and electricity supply, it will become an ideal place for investment. New business areas and job opportunities will be created.

Being far away from Tahiri Square, well-known as the center of all movements in the city of Cairo, the New Administrative Capital will be free from all political unrest. So it will not only facilitate the modern life of the citizens but also give maximum protection to the traders for their investment. However, despite all this, this new capital is under criticism. The main reason for this is the sky-high price of civic services here. A two-bedroom flat here costs fifty thousand US dollars. And if it is a little better or a bigger flat, its price is going to exceed 2 lakh US dollars.

Where the per capita income of the people of Egypt is only three thousand dollars, there is doubt about how the common people of Egypt can buy such expensive flats. At the same time, because of the direct involvement of the Egyptian army in its construction, many believe that the army is carrying out this project to consolidate its power and gain commercial advantage.

But the biggest criticism is that most of the people of Cairo will not be able to live in the new administrative capital. Despite widespread criticism, the Egyptian government has begun moving many things to the new administrative capital. But how far the new capital will be for Egypt, only the unknown future knows the answer.

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