The history of Seven Up is quite old. As we know, Seven Up is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. This carbonated water is quenching the thirst of thousands of people every day. It has become a part of people’s daily life and culture. But how was this soft drink discovered? Today we will hear the history of Seven Up.

Who invented Seven Up?

In 1868, Charles Lipper Grieg was born in the state of Missouri, USA. After completing his studies, he moved to St. Louis. He started working there in the sales and advertising sector. It was here that Lipper Grieg got a taste of soft drink one day. He likes this exceptional drink very much. He wondered if a drink with a slightly different taste could be made. At some point, his idea came to fruition. Lipper Grieg invented a new flavored soft drink. In 1919, Lipper Grieg was working in a manufacturing company under Wes Jones. It was there that he first developed his invented orange flavored soft drink. Also marketed it under Wes Jones. I will name it Whistle.

Ultimately, due to problems with management, Grieg left the company, leaving behind the Whistle recipe. He then joined the Werner Jackingson Company. There too he continued to work with soft drinks. Once invented by Howdy. However, he also left the Warner Jackson company, but he did not come to the company with Howdy’s formula as before. Instead, he patented it in his own name. Grieg realized by then that great things could be done with the soft drink he had invented.

Since the beginning of the history of Seven Up

So he started looking for an investor who would make his dream come true. In came an investor named Edmund G. Ridgeway. With his money, Grieg launched two orange flavored drinks of his own invention. But by then, the hugely popular Orange Crush drink from many big companies had hit the market. So Lipper Grieg could not have much advantage in the competition. So it’s not like he was sitting. In 1929, after many researches and efforts, he discovered another soft drink formula. The history of Seven Up starts from here.

How did the name of Seven Up come?

Grigg named his new drink, “Bib Level Lythiroid Lemon Lime Sodas”. A few days later he changed the name to Seven Up Lithloid Lemon Soda. This new drink became very popular. It soon became the drink of choice but the name was a little too big. Realizing that, in 1936 Grieg named it Seven Up. Along with the history of Seven Up, the story of its name is also quite mysterious.

But where did Lipper Grieg get the name “Seven Up”? The surprising thing is that its inventor never opened up about it. So there are various myths about its naming. For example, some say Seven Up’s formula has 7 ingredients – sugar, carbonated water, lemon, citric acid, sodium citrate and lithium citrate. Hence its name Seven Up. According to some, the name is because it was originally sold in seven-ounce bottles, while others say that Lipper Grieg once saw such a mark on a cattle as a mark of identification. Inspired by that, he named his invention Seven Up.

However, the theory that is believed to be closest to the truth is that Seven Up is named after the 7 types of hangovers caused by over-intoxication. The speech was made by Lipper Grieg himself, but in jest or sarcasm. Charles Lipper Grieg died in 1940 at the age of 71. Although he was not alive, the drink he invented has been quenching people’s thirst for almost 95 years.

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