Good Bye Jodi Alba The Catalan Football Legend, who has been keeping Barcelona’s wing for more than a decade. Sometimes he went on the attack at breakneck speed, and sometimes he came down on the defense to stop the opponent. Despite not being a very tall player, he was a headache for the opponents. Finally the story is over, Jordi Alba will not be seen in the Blaugrana jersey again. On May 27, he will set foot on the grass of the Nou Camp for the last time as a player.

Let’s hear the story of Jordi Alba’s Barcelona career during his farewell.

Have to leave la massia
Jordi Alba was born in 1989 in a hospital in Barcelona. He has a great love for football since childhood. The talent was also eye-catching, so he got a chance to join Barcelona Football Club’s famous academy, La Masia. Playing as a left winger at the time, he was one of La Masia’s best talents with dribbling and speed. But there was only one problem, his height was not increasing according to age. The La Masia authorities thought that he would not be of much use, so he was released from the academy.

Jordi Alba joined neighboring club Cornella with a broken heart. The Catalan Football Legend After spending two years there, The Catalan Football Legend Valencia brought him into their academy for just €5,000. Jordi Alba made his first team debut in 2009. But the most important words of his career came in the 2010/11 season. At that time, Valencia coach Unai Emery moved him from the winger position and started playing in the attacking fullback position. Jordi Alba soon became an important member of the Valencia XI. So he considers Unai Emery to be the person who changed the direction of his career. Jordi Alba became Spain’s best left-back while at Valencia. Therefore, in 2012, he was bought by Barcelona for 14 million euros, who released him one day under the pretext of height.

Joined Barcelona Again

Jordi Alba scored his first goal in a blue-and-maroon jersey against Deportivo La Coruna. Unfortunately he also scored an own goal in that match. Jordi Alba’s fate was decided in this match, where praise and criticism will go hand in hand. Another great performance by Jordi Alba was in the round of sixteen in the Champions League in 2013. Barcelona beat AC Milan 4-0 in the second leg after losing 2-0 in the first leg. This leftback also scored a goal that day. In 2015, Barcelona won the Champions League, La Liga and Copa del Rey titles. Jordi Alba established himself as the best left-back in the world that season. Especially his performance against Juventus in the final was memorable.

Leonel Messi – Jordi Alba Partnership

In 2016, Jordi Alba won the second Copa del Rey title of his career. And Jordi Alba himself had a big role in that. He scored a great goal from Leo Messi’s pass. Jordi Alba formed a great partnership with Lionel Messi on the field. Running down the left side of the field, his main responsibility was to get the ball to Messi. As if there was a telepathic communication between them, they could understand each other’s position without looking. The Copa del Rey in 2021 was Messi’s last trophy in a Barcelona jersey. Jordi Alba played brilliantly in that tournament. However, the entire season was his best season in the Barcelona jersey. Seber scored five goals and 13 assists.

Jordi Alba, however, had long since passed his prime. With Barcelona’s decline, so did his performances. He was also blamed for the failure of the Blaugrana in European tournaments for several consecutive years. Especially in the Champions League semi-final in 2019, his role was no small part behind the 4-0 defeat to Liverpool.

Jordi Alba collapsed in the dressing room during the lunch break, unable to take the pressure of the match. When the footage of this incident was published, he faced a lot of criticism. Barca fans may not remember that at the time of farewell today. Because his love for the club is not less. Although the contract runs until 2024, Jordi Alba has waived the remaining salary due to the financial situation of the club. So when he takes the field for the last time, the gallery crowd will shout, Gracias Jordi, Thanks for the memories

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