Facts About Titanic Movie That You May Not Know. Titanic is one of the best-grossing films in film history. It was a great love story movie about the ship Titanic that sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. However, the name of this movie was not Titanic in the beginning. Its name was Planet Ice. The name was later changed. Today we will hear some of the unknown stories of this one of the greatest films in history.

We all know the name of the director of Titanic movie. He is James Cameron. The former truck driver is not only a director, but at the same tim he was the producer, writer, editor and director of the movie. Not only that, he had another role in this movie. Jack Dawson, the main character of the movie, was a painter. All of Jack’s drawings in the movie were actually done by director James Cameron. Even when Jack was painting Rose’s picture; The hands shown in Jack’s hand scenes were James Cameron’s hands.

Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Jack in the film. At that time, he stepped into stardom only by acting in the movie Romeo and Juliet.

The same thing happened with Kate Winslet playing Rose. This British actress was not that famous in Hollywood. So he was not sure at first. At first famous singer Madonna was considered for the role. But Kate Winslet was later chosen for the role. Kate pours her soul into the movie. Kate Winslet didn’t wear a wetsuit while filming in the frigid waters of the Atlantic for realistic performances. Due to which he suffered from pneumonia for many days.

The movie has 2 parts. One part is about Rose’s old age, when Rose narrates the story of her past. If you cut the part of Rose’s old age from the movie and put only past tense, it is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Amazingly, it took 2 hours and 40 minutes for the Titanic to sink. It is impossible to talk about the movie Titanic and not talk about its famous song My Heart Will Go On. Interestingly, director Cameron was not in favor of having music in movies. However, the film’s music composer James Horner asked musician Celine Dion to compose a song. Later Celine Dion made a demo song and played it to James Cameron. And after hearing the song, he decided to put the song at the end of the film.

Another interesting fact about this movie is that it cost more to make the Titanic than it cost to make the Titanic. Titanic movie cost about 200 million dollars to make. And the income from the film is 2.187 billion dollars. That is, the film earned almost ten times the prod

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