Today we will know some surprising facts about Karni Mata Temple. Being the world’s largest state inhabited by Sanatan Dharma, numerous temples are spread all over India. Some of these temples are very strange. Unique Karni Mata Temple One such strange temple is the Karni Mata temple in Rajasthan. 25 to 30 thousand inhabitants live in this Peethathan of Sanatan religion. Interestingly, they are not humans, but rats. Devotees respect these Eids as very sacred. Again, Karni Mata is also regarded as an avatar of Durga in modern times. Karni Mata Temple is originally dedicated to Goddess Karni. However, Karni is not a goddess of Hindu mythology. It is believed that Goddess Durga was reincarnated as Karni. Unique Karni Mata Temple That is, this Karni was Mata, an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Who is Karni Mata?

In the 14th century, Karni Mata was born into a Hindu family in Bikaner, Rajasthan. His name was Riddhi Kanwar then. It is said that he got married in the Charan family, but Riddhi did not stay in the world for long. Arranging her husband’s marriage with her sister Gulab, she renounced samsaradharma. Riddhi spent the rest of her life as a nun. At that time, through meditation, this woman became possessed of spiritual power.

He had innumerable devotees not only among the royal family but also among the common people. Unique Karni Mata Temple Strange but true, at the peak of fame… Karni Mata suddenly disappeared one day. The mystery of his disappearance has not been solved even today. After his disappearance, a shadow of grief fell among the devotees. For these devotees, and in honor of Karni Mata’s memory‚Ķ the royal family established a temple in Bikaner. At present it is well known as Karni Matar Temple.

Common myth about Karni Mata temple

The rats that live inside the temple are revered as deities by devotees of Karni Mata. There is also a mythological story behind it. Karni Mata took shelter of Yamaraj himself to save the child’s life. On his request, Yamaraj gave alms to the children of Karni Mata. But the children are reborn in this world not as humans but as mice. But there is another story about this rat. Once about 20 thousand soldiers fled from a battlefield near Bikaner and sought refuge with Karni’s mother. Since running away from the battlefield was a serious crime for soldiers, their punishment was death. But the Ocean of Kindness Karnimata did not take their lives, but turned them into rats as punishment. After that they were given accommodation in this temple.

Presently Karni Mata temple

However, whatever the story may be, fans still hold these rats in high esteem. So there is a long queue in this temple even for a rat’s fat prasad. But not only for religious reasons, Karni Mata temple is also different in terms of architecture. This temple made of white marble stone is very attractive. There is a huge lion statue at the main gate of the temple premises. It is said that if you speak your heart’s desire in the ear of this lion, it will be fulfilled. All in all the Karni Mata Temple is a quaint but historically important structure. There is probably nowhere else in the world such a combination of gods and mice. Hence the temple has gradually become one of the tourist attractions of Rajasthan.

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