Champions League Final Players Of Manchester City

According to many football pundits, even if Manchester City did not win the Champions League final, they would still be considered the best team in the world. Yet the Citizens are desperate to win a Champions League final. Because, despite showing dominance in the Premier League, they never touched this trophy. Therefore, Manchester City will enter the field with all their strength in the final on June 10. Today we will discuss about the main power of citizens.

Very Strong Defence

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has poured money into Deiders behind the defense over the past few years. The Spanish legend is an attacking coach, but has always been a fan of strong defences. The City defense this season has seen a formidable centre-back pairing of Ruben Dias and John Stones. Cold-eyed Ruben Dias is coach Pep Guardiola’s favorite defender. Mentally strong, this defender has a warrior mentality in him. So he became the leader of City’s defence.

On the other hand, John Stones is a defender who is very good on the ball. When he played for Everton in that 2015/16 season, Pep Guardiola saw all the potential in him to become the world’s best defender. That potential blossomed this season. John Stone’s role in City’s great run is particularly memorable. Therefore, both of them should shine in the Champions League final.

Midfield is The Key For Manchester City

Manchester City’s midfield is suffocating, as is its defense. Rodri plays in the defensive midfielder position of the team, who acts as the coordinator of defense and attack in the field. As a defensive midfielder, he blocks the opponent’s counter-attacks, and also develops attacks like the players playing in the number ten position.

However, the real number ten in the Manchester City team is Kevin De Bruyne. He is considered to be the best creative midfielder in the world today. He doesn’t have the ability to tear apart opposition defenses with dazzling passes. At the same time, Kevin De Bruina is ready to score goals for the team. IKAY Gundegan plays as a link between Rodri and Kevin De Bruyne at Manchester City. Playing as a central midfielder, the German aims to keep Kevin De Bruyne from having to focus too much on defence. At the same time, it is his duty to ensure that Rodri does not have to do the work of stopping the opponent’s attack alone.

However, despite playing as a midfielder, Ikei Gundegan has a habit of scoring goals regularly. In particular, Ike Gundegan shines when City need goals. If the Citizens are to be the goal scorers in the Champions League final, then Gundegan will have to step up as well. Bernardo Silva has a similar habit of scoring when needed. However, he played in various positions on the field. Sometimes as a midfielder, sometimes in the number ten role, sometimes on the right wing. His ability to play in these varied positions makes it impossible to predict City’s strategy.

In the second leg against Real Madrid in the semi-final, he attacked from the right side of the pitch, keeping the opposition defense at bay throughout. With two goals in that match, Bernardo Silva proved that the Citizens are not dependent on a single player for goals.

Can Halland Deliver In A Champions League Final?

Manchester City have gone without a traditional number nine for the past two seasons. However, this season they brought Arling Haaland to the team. And this number nine established himself as the best striker in the world in the first season. He broke the record for most goals in a season in the Premier League.

The Norwegian scored more than 50 goals in the entire season. However, he could not play any role in the semi-final against Real Madrid. So in the Champions League final, there is no doubt that Arling Haaland will be at his best against Inter Milan. All in all, can Manchester City win the Champions League final and take home their first title?

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