Corona infection is increasing again. Masks are one of the prevention tools. Therefore, the habit of using masks should be brought back. Either a surgical mask or a three-layer cloth mask can be chosen for daily use. However, when going to a hospital or doctor’s chamber or being around a person who has fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath or other symptoms of corona infection, a surgical mask must be worn. Under no circumstances should a surgical mask be used more than once. Paying Attention To These Things When Using a Mask Attention And surgical or cloth masks, whichever is used, should not be worn for more than four to six hours at a time. Tasnova Mahin, Associate Consultant of the Medicine Department of Square Hospital Limited, located in Panthpath of the capital, gave some such information.

Touch the mask

When wearing and opening the mask, the strap should be held, not the part that covers the face and nose. Do not touch this part even after wearing the mask.

Take off the mask

Use a separate clear pouch or ziplock bag to store the cloth mask for eating or other needs. If this is not available, wrap it in a clean paper packet, paper or tissue paper. Paying Attention To These Things When Using a Mask Do not leave on tables, desks or anywhere else; Do not put it down in the muzzle.

Mask duration

If within four to six hours the mask becomes wet from sweat, water, your own sneezes or nasal secretions, or even makeup, replace it. So always keep enough masks with you. Keep separate pouches or ziplock bags for used and unused masks. A cloth mask should not be used for more than two to three months, even if used regularly.

Wash and dry in the sun

Used cloth masks can be washed, dried and reused with soap or detergent. Clip the mask strap while drying to prevent the rest of the mask from catching on clotheslines or other objects.

Hold up

Use clear pouches or airtight ziplock bags to store cloth masks as well. However, if a mask that has been removed for some time is to be used, then it should be washed again, otherwise it itself can become a source of fungus or any other germs.

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